Ex-Soldier Backs Out Of Plea Agreement

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A former soldier accused in the deaths of two enlisted men from Fort Carson was reported to have accepted a plea agreement to testify against his co-defendants. However, Bruce Bastian Jr, has now changed his mind.

His attorney, Richard Bednarski, notified a judge of the plea agreement on Thursday, but in an appearance on Monday afternoon, Bednarski informed the judge that his client had changed his mind.

His trial is now set to begin on July 28.

Bastien is currently charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of Pfc. Robert James in August and Spc. Kevin Shields in December.
Louis Edward Bressler is also charged with first-degree murder in both deaths. Kenneth Lee Eastridge faces charges of first-degree murder and accessory in Shields' death. He is not accused in James' death.

Bressler and Eastridge have pleaded not guilty.