Many of thousands of colsiders deploying from Fort Carson to the Middle East are parents and they'll be leaving little ones at home.

But one Colorado Springs woman, whose husband is deploying, has come up with a way to keep his voice close to her children's hearts. It's called Build-A-Bear. It's a store that lets you pick a stuffed animal, it's clothes and even put a voice chip inside.

The store has donated 1,000 chips to the soldiers. And the chips will be at the post this week, so moms and dads can record a message for their kids.

Dawn Vigil-April says "It's a way to hug them, hear a little message from their parent and feel a little closer to them."

Each chip costs eight dollars, but will be free to the soldiers. The donation is a good start, but April is hoping for some help to buy chips for those 11,000 soldiers heading overseas. You can donate money at the following account:

Children of the 3rd ACR
Wells Fargo West, N.A.
1800 South Nevada
Colorado Springs, CO