AFA Rape Investigation

Sexual Assaults
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But, an Air Force investigative team that spent ten days probing the alleged rapes at the academy didn't talk with TESSA, the clinic where 22 of the women sought help.

Cari Davis is the executive director of TESSA in Colorado Springs. She says cadets have been coming to the clinic for the past 15 years because they feared retribution from the Academy. Some of the alleged victims have said they were punished for reporting the assaults, and in some cases were expelled.

Academy spokeswoman Sergeant Marlise Wood said the investigative
team left Colorado Springs yesterday but did not rule out that they
may talk later with the clinic.

Meanwhile, Air Force secretary, James Roche says it's unlikely criminal cases will be reopened during a probe into reports that the cadets' rape allegations were mishandled. He says, instead, it will more likely produce a lot of constructive criticism on how things can be improved.