Internet Cafe Sex Crime

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Ever get a strange feeling that something's not right? A Pueblo business owner did and now an alleged sex offender is behind bars.

Richard Neales owns Code Blue Gaming. He says when Preston Martinez walked into his internet café, something didn’t feel right. “He was a nice guy, but he rubbed me the wrong way.” Neales says Martinex would return to the café every few days and spend 3 to 5 hours on-line. One night, Neales looked at the computer after Martinez left to see what was being kept so secretive. Neales said he found, “Pictures of nude girls. They were young, 10, 12, 13; pictures of himself, lots of personal stuff. I could track everywhere he’s been.”

Pueblo County Sheriff’s Detectives arrested Martinez. They say Martinez admits to sending sexually explicit pictures to dozens of young teens. Another concern that alarmed detectives is that Martinez lives less than a block from Cezar Chavez Academy.

Deputies say Neales’ watchful eye may have put a sex offender behind bars and he kept Code Blue Gaming exactly what it’s intended for: a place for kids to play.

Neales says he hopes parents keep an eye on their kids when they’re at home on the internet.

Detectives say Martinez is being held on $75,000 dollars bail. He faces multiple counts of sexual exploitation of a child and promotion of obscenity to a minor.