Mine Survivor

The only miner to survive the January coal mine disaster in West Virginia still hasn't been told he's the only one who made it out alive.

Randal McCloy Junior hasn't asked and his wife hasn't told him.

The 26-year-old miner knows he was badly injured in the explosion and suffered brain damage.

But his wife has shielded him from news coverage and hasn't told him his 12 friends died, most of carbon monoxide poisoning as they waited in the dark for a rescue.

Anna McCloy tells The Associated Press she has a feeling he knows.

She says, "When he's ready to talk, he'll tell me."

Randal McCloy is still learning to talk and walk again.

A doctor at the West Virginia rehabilitation hospital where McCloy is being treated says McCloy eats and breathes on his own, and the right side of his body is slowly catching up to his left side, which is stronger.