High Fire Danger

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Many southern Coloradans enjoyed today's warm and breezy weather,
but the U.S. Forest Service is concerned about wildfires. Much of southern Colorado is under a red flag warning this evening,
Including El Paso, Pueblo, Teller, and Freemont counties.

Colorado Springs is more than 50 percent behind its average precipitation total for January and February. Although there is a slight chance of rain tomorrow, the Forest Service says they're expecting a dry spring. "Until we get some significant moisture in here, we're going to continue to manage towards that scenario... That fire danger is going to increase and the occurrances of fires will increase," said Mike Kerrigan, District Fire Management Officer for the Pike's Peak Ranger District.

Kerrigan says low relative humidity is also contributing to the fire danger, especially at night. He says humidities are not rising like they usually do after dusk.