Detective's Death Shakes Local Law Enforcement; Counseling Is Available

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The police are seen as some of the strongest and toughest, but Detective Jensen's death has shaken the Colorado Springs Police Department and all our local law enforcement agencies. Each one is feeling the grief and anguish amongst the unspoken bond of brotherhood.

“It’s always different when we shroud our badge. It brings it home, knowing any one of us could end up the same way,” Deputy Sheriff Aaron Baker with El Paso County Sheriff’s Department said. His collegue, Deputy Sheriff Mitch Mihalko agrees, “Whether we respond to a call in progress or a traffic stop, there’s always a danger there.”

Right now, police are going through a rollercoaster of emotions. “It shatters our sense of invulnerability and shatters our sense of safety,” Police Psychologist Dr. Aldo Tartaglini said. He also said that he doesn’t want all those in blue to deal with this alone. Counseling is available to anyone who needs it. “I want people to know that they can feel okay to get help. They’re not unsound or weak.”

The psychologist said, often times, there can be delayed reactions and it could take months, even years before an officer realizes he or she needs help.