Suspected Cop Killer Appears in Court

A judge ordered Jereme Lamberth held without bond for the shooting death of Detective Jared Jensen.

His advisement was held Thursday afternoon at the Criminal Justice Center that's where Lamberth will continue to be held.

Lamberth is being held in an individual maximum security cell now and the Comander there says so far he hasn't given the guards any problems.

Thursday, he said nothing in court while trying to shy away from the cameras.

The judge asked to see him when he appeared in court, demanding he stand in plain sight.

The judge then withheld bond, and Lamberth said nothing.

His sister who was also a victim sat and watched, saying, "I think it's time for him to go home to God. I think it will give the officer's wife some peace, and I think it will give our family peace."

It's the first time ms has seen her brother since she says he stabbed her 13 times.

Meanwhile, District Attorney John Newsome says his office is devoting tremendous resources to this case.

"We will agressively prosecute this case as we do all murder cases."

He says a decision about the death penalty may not be made for some time and det. Jensen's family will have a lot of imput into that decision.

The D.A.'s office says they will prosecute the murder of Detective Jensen and the attempted murder of Melanie Schweinhardt seperately.