Horses Rescued

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Some horses are getting a happier, healthier life. A total of 56 horses were found, starving, on a ranch in Elbert County. On Wednesday, 13 of them were moved to a rescue center in Black Forest, where they'll be nursed back to health.

So now the Hunting Crest Farms Rescue and Rehabilition is where they'll spend the next couple of months. "You can feel their ribs underneath," said Tracy Hudock of the rescue center.

Hudock says the horses are in really bad shape. They're several hundred pounds underweight, have teeth and hoof problems, and several are pregnant. Now it's up to volunteers, like Hudock and veterinarian David Fontenot to get them healthy.

That's no easy job. "You can see they're all hungry and all standing around a hay bale. They haven't seen that in a while. They are starved and trying to get their noses in there to get a bite," said Hudock.

A lot more hay is needed, but it's expensive because of the drought. All of the horses also need dewormers and vaccinations. That takes time, money, and a lot more help from volunteers.

"Thank God they're in our care now. We'll be able to do something now and turn them around," said Hudock.

Hunting Crest Farms is asking for donations of hay or alfalfa or money to purchase supplies. They're also looking for people who are willing to donate their time to volunteer and work with the animals. They also need help rebuilding fences, and doing electrical work.

For more information:

719-494-0158 or Hunting Crest Farms