Detective Jared Jensen: 1976-2006

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Jared Jensen was born in Davenport, Iowa, on February 5, 1976. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Otterbein College in Ohio.

Jensen joined the Colorado Springs Police Department on July 31, 2002. He graduated from the training academy in December, and worked in two divisions until joining the Metro Vice, Narcotics, & Intelligence Unit on January 16, 2005.

Colorado Springs Police Chief Luis Velez was with the family at the hospital where Jensen was pronounced dead. He said, "They're certainly in shock, as we all are."

Velez added, "You know, you're never prepared for the death of one of your employees. You're never prepared to have a police officer die. Every moment of every day, people put on uniforms, and they go to work, and they may not come home."

Jensen was married, and has an older brother who's also a Colorado Springs Police Officer.