Home Invasions In Colorado Springs

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Families in one Colorado Springs neighborhood are on edge after 3 home invasions in one week. The latest one happened just last night. Police say all 3 are in the southeastern part of town. Two were on Zamora Circle and one was on Hawk Meadows Drive. Right now, cops don't know if they're connected.

It was a terrifying experience for one family, who was at home watching television around 9 o’clock at night when their doorbell rang. Then next thing they knew, two men forced their way inside the home and the family was tied-up at gunpoint. “He pulled a revolver from his coat pocket, swung it at my face,” one victim said. The man goes on to explain that the intruders unplugged the phones from the wall.

His wife said the whole event was traumatizing. “I was praying like crazy, ‘Lord, send your angels to protect us and don’t let them shoot my puppy.’” The victims say the men were inside their home for about 25 minutes; it was the longest 25 minutes of their lives. “It was very scary, I threw up three times. We’re alive and I’m thankful,” the wife said.

The victims said they recognized the one of the intruders. He had knocked on their door a few days earlier supposedly looking for someone. In hindsight, they believe the suspect was scouting out their home.

Police say people should keep their doors locked even when you're at home and never open your door to someone you don't know.