Bush Visits Colorado

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President Bush is in Colorado tonight and tomorrow morning to visit the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden. Bush will discuss his agressive energy plan at the laboratory. In his State of the Union address, the president proposed a 75 percent reduction in Middle Eastern Oil imports by the year 2025. David Esker -- an instructor of physics at Pike's Peak Community College -- says this is a lofty goal, but an obtainable one if corporations are given the right incentives. "You can't expect companies to dive in there and take a loss for ten/twenty years while they hope that something works for them."

President Bush believes nuclear energy is a good alternative to oil-based forms of energy. Esker agrees as long as nuclear energy plants use nuclear fusion, which is safer than the energy generated by nuclear fission. He also says nuclear fission needs to be further developed before it can be used on a large scale.

The president also hopes to develop hybrid vehicles. Liberty Toyota of Colorado Springs says demand for their hybrid Prius remains high, but some of the people 11-News spoke with say hybrids need to be larger or cheaper before they consider buying one. Bill of Teddy Bear Career Services travels a lot with his business, and says the Geo-Metro's his company drives are almost as efficient as hybrids anyway. "We get about 50 miles per gallon. I imagine some of the hybrids get a little better than that, but the cost difference wouldn't be worth it for us right now."