Struggling With Porn? A Support Group Says it Can Help

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Billboards blaring a message about porn are catching eyes around Colorado Springs. They're from a group trying to help sexual addicts.

The non-profit Blazing Grace’s website says surveys of Christians found a large percentage of church going men view porn regularly and some admit they're addicted. The man who started the group hopes these signs will let men know they're not alone and there's help.

Mike Genung says he knows how it feels to be addicted to porn.

"There's a progression,” Genung says, "It starts with pornography then it can go anywhere."

Genung says his addiction progressed, ending in a hotel room.

"One night, lust is never enough, I went into a hotel room and called a prostitute to my room and committed adultery," he admits.

Now he leads a support group to help other men from going that far before getting help.

"The words I hear over and over again is I thought I was the only one," said Genung.

He says it starts by admitting the problem, talking about it, praying and eliminating the temptation. He recommends pornography blockers on the computer or staying away from areas of town that have adult bookstores.

"We help them get to the roots as to what’s driving this lie of worthlessness they bought into," he said.

Without the support, he says, many marriages are ruined.

"What their husbands are doing, their Christian husbands are doing is destroying their heart,” he said. “They can't compete against a woman, these pictures these images, these airbrushed lies on paper."

He wants other men to know there's another way. He says a man can break the addiction with support, prayer and commitment to change.

"There is hope, I celebrated my 17th wedding anniversary just February 4th of this year," he said.

Although much of the healing is faith based, Genung says anyone with the addiction can find help from his group. His support group is only for men. He says other Colorado Springs groups offer support for women.

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