The Latest Bombings in Iraq

At least 24 people, including an American soldier, have been killed in a series of bombings in Baghdad and elsewhere in Iraq.

The U.S. command says the soldier was killed by a roadside bomb southeast of Karbala.

In Baghdad, a suicide bomber set off an explosives belt on a bus in a Shiite district.

Police say 12 people were killed, and 15 others were hurt.

Earlier, a bomb exploded next to some tea stalls near Baghdad's Liberation Square, killing at least four day laborers.

And northwest of Baghdad, a suicide attacker blew himself up in a restaurant in Mosul that was filled with policemen eating breakfast.

At least five people died, and more than 20 others were hurt.

Two more civilians died when a car bomb exploded southeast of Baghdad.

Meanwhile, a British official says two contractors from Macedonia were released by kidnappers, four days after they were abducted in Basra.