Accidents and Ice on the Roads

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Snow and the freezing cold put the breaks on the morning commute and kept emergency workers busy most of Friday morning.

Authorities warn there is still plenty of slick spots around town, that will stick around as long as it stays cold.

Accidents along I-25 Friday morning backed up traffic and kept Colorado State Patrol officers busy.

One driver says he drove on I-25, and went about 10 miles an hours for about 20 yards and then stopped for two to three minutes all the way down from Monument to Colorado Springs.

"The traffic is horrible, rollovers, people in the ditch. I came down from Parker this morning and its just ice," said driver Michael McKeel.

"I think we had about probably 20 accidents with in a 2 hour period,” said Sgt. Tony Rusnake, “the main cause, people driving too fast for the conditions."

Colorado Springs Police say a southbound I-25 driver ended up ramming his sedan into a guardrail. When fire fighters responded to that accident, a tanker truck hit their engine. The accident closed one southbound lane of I-25 near Rockrimmon for hours on Friday morning.

State Patrol says drivers aren't giving emergency workers enough room to work accidents.

"People don't even slow down for my lights," said Sgt. Rusnake.