Phillipine Landslide

A farming village on the Philippines island of Leyte has been wiped out by a landslide.

A few jumbles of corrugated steel are the only evidence anyone ever lived there.

The official death toll is 23, but the Red Cross estimates at least 200 people have been killed.

Another 1,500 are missing.

Crews have found 53 survivors, but it's slow going.

The mud is 30 feet deep in some places and too soft for heavy equipment, forcing people to search by hand.

The search has been halted by darkness.

The U.S. Embassy says a navy ship is heading for the region and talks are under way to coordinate the deployment of helicopters.

Survivors blame illegal logging for contributing to the disaster.

Torrential rains loosened the soil on the mountain.

With nothing to hold back the mud, the mountainside disintegrated.