Free Clinic Needs Help

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A Colorado Springs clinic that helps the uninsured, now needs help. Mission Medical Clinic's building is up for sale. The price tag is a million dollars. The clinic needs help to buy it.

So far they've raised a little more than $70,000 from donations. Clinic staff is also applying for grants

Doctor James Gaba is one of the volunteer doctors. He says he enjoys his work at the clinic.

"I went into medicine because I like people and I like to care for people," said Dr. Gaba.

The clinic often helps very sick people, who can't afford to go anywhere else. In just 2 years, the clinic has grown to 1500 patients. Dr. Gaba says most of the patients have jobs, but no insurance.

"They make enough money from their work to exist, pay their rent, buy their groceries, get to and from work, after that, they have nothing left," said Dr. Gaba.

Doctors, dentists and a psychiatrist work to help people with all kinds of problems. Nurses and pharmacists also volunteer. When a patient is prescribed medicine Randy McFee is on site to get them those drugs.

"This year I think we're going to bring in about $1 1/2 million worth of free medications for our clients," said pharmacist McFee.

Most of the medications are donated by applying to drug companies.

But, now the clinic needs more help. They need money for the clinic. Dr. Gaba's brother-in-law once told him his philosophy on practicing medicine.

"He said, take care of the patients, the money will take care of itself," said Dr. Gaba.

He now hopes that will be the case with the Mission Medical Clinic.
The clinic also helps local hospitals, because if it weren't caring for patients, those patients would end up in emergency rooms.

For more information about the clinic or to donate, call 219-3402.