High School Security Guard Uncovers Weapons

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It could have been much worse... that's what Mitchell High School administrators are saying after a school security guard stopped a weapons-filled car on campus. Mitchell High security officer Lori Lujan says she got quite a surprise when she pulled over a suspicious car circling the parking lot Tuesday afternoon, abiding by the school's strict trespassing policy.
Lujan, a former El Paso Co. Sheriff's deputy, served the driver and 3 passengers of the white Pontiac Grand Am with trespassing warnings. In the Meantime, School Resource Officer David Pratt got permission to search the car and found several weapons, including a loaded pistol, ammunition, 2 knives and a pair of wooden nunchakus.
Officers arrested the driver, Welsey Hedricks and passenger Antonio Pegues. Lujan said a student had warned her that the suspects were looking to fight him that day. Police also arrested Cimone Hill on an unrelated outstanding felony warrant. Police say they will make more arrests in this case.