Returning Troops Boost Economy

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About 5,200 soldiers are returning home from Iraq these next few weeks and that could mean big bucks for the local economy. In fact, Mike Kazmierski with the Greater Colorado Springs Economic Development Corporation says the soldiers will likely pump millions of dollars into Colorado Springs.

Staff Sergeant Michael Moyer just returned from Iraq a few days ago and he’s already working on his jeep, adding a new lift kit onto it and getting new tires. That will cost about $5,000. Sergeant Jamie Butler spent some cash buying her 2006 Dodge Magnum.

Kazmierski says the economy will see its largest boost in car sales and consumer goods. “A lot of revenue will be generated short-term. The soldiers will do a lot of purchases, but then it will quiet down.”

Fort Carson pumps one billion dollars into Colorado Springs every year, making up 10% of the city's economy and one percent of the state's economy.