Cold Temperatures Hit Colorado Springs

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Temperatures dip about 30 degrees in 24 hours in Colorado Springs. The high hit the mid-60s Tuesday and in the 30's Wednesday.

Coloradoans always joke about how quickly the weather changes, now its happened again.

The dusting of snow and much colder temperatures is a little shock to the system for some.

For COSMIX construction workers, the cold doesn't stop the job.

"The wind will find the smallest crack to keep you cold," said COSMIX worker Kenyon Manly.

Manly says its the layers that get him through Wednesday's 10 hour shift. For the crew, Tuesday was a much more pleasant day on the job.

"Gorgeous yesterday, today its tougher you can feel it out here," said COSMIX worker Jim Walker.

But construction crews are use to the cold.

"Its just another Colorado day today," said Walker.

Of course when the snow falls, Colorado Springs street crews get ready to work.

Its been a pretty mild winter, so far. But, the city has already spent about $120,000 to clear snow and ice from the roads. Peg Richardson with the city says this storm will be the 4th snow event of 2006.

"In 2005 we had a total cost of just around $940,000 worth of snow events we had 14 events last year," said Richardson.

The majority of the storms hit from January to April says Richardson.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Colorado Springs city crews are focusing on the northern part of town, because they say that's where the snow is starting to stick. But, crews are watching all over town and will call out more equipment and drivers if they are needed.