Colorado Man Burns Car Dealership

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A large fire destroyed part of an auto dealership Tuesday morning in a suburb north of Denver, Colorado and police say it was likely done because of a son being mad at his mother.

Police say the suspect, 23-year-old Joshua Abeyta, was angry at his mother and that she drives a Pontiac. Investigators accuse Abeyta of going to a Pontiac dealership in Thornton, Colorado and setting the place on fire as his way of getting back at his mother. The mother does not work at the dealership.

Flames destroyed the second floor of the dealership and did damage some vehicles in the showroom. Investigators say the fire did about 300-thousand dollars in damage.

Abeyta has been arrested and is being held at a detention center on 10-thousand dollars bond.

Owners of the dealership say despite the damage, they will open for business on Wednesday with the service department and they hope to have the full dealership open within a couple of weeks. Owners say the fire damage the computer system that operates the dealership's computer network.