Olympic Committee Funds Misused

The U.S. Olympic Committee's former marketing chief billed about $35,000 as travel expenses for lodging and meal costs at hotels within 6 miles of the USOC campus.

Toby Wong resigned February 10th. The Denver Post reported today
that she was given $50,000 in relocation costs after being hired last April, but billed the U-S-O-C for additional hotel stays during her tenure.

USOC Chief Executive Officer Lloyd Ward has not commented on the claims.

But, former USOC ethics officer Pat Rodgers says the actions
represent a misappropriation of funds, and he believes Ward authorized
the transactions. He says there is no way the transactions would have gone through unless they were authorized by the CEO.

Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell is asking the Senate committee
investigating the USOC to do an audit.

Wong is currently repaying the money.