Nightclub Precautions

Rhode Island Fire
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In Denver, ticket scanners showed a crowd of 3600 at the
Fillmore Auditorium where emergency exits were located. Angie
Gregorek, the theater's security chief, says it was the first time checks like this have been done.

Two Denver fire inspectors conducted unannounced checks of
sprinkler systems and emergency lights at nightclubs. A couple of
clubs were given citations for safety violations.

In Chicago, 21 people were trampled at the E2 nightclub February

97 people are now confirmed dead after a fire at The Station nightclub in West Warwick, Rhode Island. Coroners have identified 42 of the victims.

The rock band, Great White, is accused of setting off pyrotechnics without notifying the nightclub's staff. The club's owner says they were never told of any such display. But, the band's singer says they did have permission for the fireworks.

The nightclub was engulfed in flames within 3 minutes after the pyrotechnics caught the back of the stage on fire.