Local Katrina Victim Wants More Help From the Red Cross

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The local Red Cross has already given out almost a half a million dollars to hurricane victims who came to southern Colorado, but one victim says she hasn't gotten enough help.

Tina Henry says her son broke his glasses on Sunday. She says she turned to the Red Cross to for help Monday. She says the local Red Cross Chapter told her they couldn’t help, because they're no longer helping evacuees.

The President of the local chapter, David Just, says they’re doing what they can and that some people just don't understand the organization’s mission.

"We definitely needed the help," said Henry, "They said they are no longer helping Katrina evacuees."

Just says the local chapter isn't helping any longer, but the National Red Cross office is still taking calls for assistance.

He says eyeglass vouchers should have been given to the Henry family when they collected about 15-hundred dollars from the Red Cross months ago. The Henry family got the money by calling the Red Cross. They say they never got the vouchers.

Henry wonders where all the money donated has been spent.

"Where is your money going?” said Henry, “Because it’s not helping us."

Just says The Red Cross will spend a little more than 2 billion dollars nationally, helping all the families in the affected area. They gave families immediate cash and free hotel rooms.

"The Red Cross utilized everything they had," said Just.

He says the Red Cross' mission is to give immediate assistance to people right after a disaster.

"Our immediate concerns were the emergency response for the first few days after the event," said Just.

He says eyeglass vouchers were meant for people who lost or broke their glasses during the hurricane, not for broken glasses months later.

Henry has been able to find help for her son. He should have new glasses Wednesday.