Salida Police Investigating School Threat

Salida's Police Chief says the 12-year-old girl wrote the list, entitled "people I want to kill". The list was turned over to the principal of Salida Middle School.

The parents of the two children on the list weren't notified of the list until at least 24 hours after the principal received it, and the police were only notified by the parents, not the school.

School officials say they decided to investigate the matter internally. But, parents say, that was not the right course of action. The school's principal says he followed district policy in dealing with the threat.

That is, he says, they were insuring the safety of all the children in the school. And he says, the parents of the girl who wrote the list, were notified immediately and she was sent home. But, he will not say what sort of punishment, if any, the girl has received.

The D.A's office will decide if menacing charges will be filled against the girl.