Possible Mountain Lion Sighting

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Residents in one Colorado Springs neighborhood are on the lookout for a mountain lion, but what's different about this case, is that it's on the east side of town.

Someone called in the sighting this morning at Wilkerson Pass Drive, a Village 7 neighborhood. That also happens to be less than a ¼ of a mile from Rudy Elementary School.

The Division of Wildlife says they can't confirm today's sighting, but they hope this serves as a reminder that we live in mountain lion territory.

The DOW also said although it seems unusual to have a mountain lion sighting in this neck of the woods, it’s not completely out of the question. Parents of students say they are now more aware. Renee Coates, a parent, said, “It’s scary. I’m glad I pick up my kids everyday.”

School wasn’t disrupted in any way, but officials said teachers will be more vigilant. Elaine Naleski, D11 spokesperson said, "When we heard about the possible sighting, we notified all the teachers and will send letters home to parents.”

This is the second possible mountain lion sighting in the District 11 area. School officials don't want to panic parents and children who live near here, but want to make sure students take precautions.

The DOW says there are a few tips if you ever happen to run into a mountain lion.

1. Don't run away.
2. Back away slowly, and don't turn your back on the animal.
3. Keep your children close to you.
4. Also, make yourself appear to be larger by raising your arms or opening your jacket.