11 News Reporter to Travel to Iraq

KKTV 11 News reporter David Nancarrow will be traveling to Iraq to embed with elements of the 4th Infantry Division, including the 3rd Brigade Combat Team based at Fort Carson.

Nancarrow will bring viewers live and taped reports from Iraq beginning the week of March 6th, with pre-trip stories planned for the week of February 27th. In addition, David will chronicle his trip at KKTV.COM with a regular blog feature “Assignment: Iraq.”

"I'm thrilled for the opportunity to embed with our troops. This is a unique chance to tell the soldiers' stories and take a look at their day to day life, “Nancarrow said of his assignment. “All we hear about are IED’s and roadside bombings, and while that’s part of the story of the war in Iraq, we realize we’re not getting a complete picture of what these men and women are doing when they go to work over there,” Nancarrow added.

“We felt it was important to tell the stories of our local soldiers doing their duty. While we’ve been very aggressive in telling those stories once the soldiers come home, we realized the only way to get the whole story is to go where our soldiers are,” said KKTV News Director Nick Matesi .

“The significant military presence in our community and the sacrifices these men and woman make on a daily basis requires a commitment from local broadcasters to cover the story as completely as possible. There’s only one way to accomplish this; we need to be there,” said Charlie Peterson, KKTV Vice-President and General Manager.

For Nancarrow, the assignment has some historical value as well. His great-grandfather fought with the 4th ID and earned the Silver Star in the Meuse-Argonne offensive. “Here’s a chance to connect with him in a small way generations later,” Nancarrow said.

Nancarrow will be embedded for nearly five weeks. He will be partnered with Christopher Heath, a fellow reporter from sister station KWTX-TV in Waco, Texas. David and Christopher prepared for their trip by accompanying the 4th BCT on pre-deployment exercises in October 2005. The logistics involved in this process are enormous. Both reporters have spent the last several months gathering gear, getting shots, and familiarizing themselves with the situation in Iraq.