Fire Fighters Care for Car Accident Victim's Dog

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Fire fighters with the Tri-Lakes Monument Fire Rescue Authority are taking care of a dog they rescued while responding to a car accident.

The dog’s name is Casanova. He is a miniature long hair Dachshund.

“He’s actually a happy dog”, said Fire Fighter Jamal Bagley, “After we got him, took him home, he started to open up to everybody.”

Early Monday morning a driver flipped her car on Southbound I-25 near the Monument exit. When fire fighters got on scene, the victim told them she had her dog in the car, but it was missing.

The dog somehow got out of its kennel during the accident according to Bagley. It took authorities about 30 minutes to find the dog. Bagley says Casanova was couple hundred yards away from the car when it was found.

The Woodmoor Veterinary Hospital says Casanova is in good shape, especially since he was in the accident. He was given a clean bill of health.

“I’m just going to be happy to give her dog back, because she’s probably worried sick about him,” said Bagley.

The victim was taken to Penrose Hospital. She will be able to pick up Casanova when is feeling better. Fire Fighters hope that will be soon.