23 Dogs And Cats Seized From Fremont County Home

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FREMONT COUNTY, Colo. A Fremont County man is under investigation after 23 dogs and cats were seized from his home

According to the Colorado Humane Society, 19 dogs and four cats were seized from William Goode's Howard, Colo. home Friday. The humane society did not get into the specifics as to why the animals were removed from Goode's home, but say that all are currently under the humane society's care.

"The animals were evaluated by a veterinarian and are being provided with proper nutrition and sanitary living conditions, and will be monitored for the duration of the pending court proceedings," the humane society said in a release Tuesday.

The animals will remain with the humane society pending the outcome of Goode's hearing.

Goode's arrest papers say nobody knew the animals were in the house because all the windows were covered with sheets and plastic. It wasn't until he was evicted that the Colorado Humane Society discovered all the animals. At that time, they found five cats locked inside a bedroom. On Friday, they only were able to rescue four because one cat refused to get out of the ceiling. They set a trap of food for the cat.

On Tuesday, we learned two more animals were saved from the home. A neighbor spotted another dog on the property. The Colorado Humane Society is now working to transport the cat and dog that were found. The cat that was saved is the same one that refused to come out of the room, Friday.

Arrest papers say it was obvious that Goode wanted to hurt the animals on purpose.

11 News also looked into Goode's past. We've learned he was an attorney in Colorado, but in 2007, his license was suspended. He lost that license because he failed to pay his dues and taxes.