Will Attack lead to Pitbull Ban?

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A Colorado Springs man is recovering after 2 Pitbulls broke through a fence gate and attacked him and his German Shepherd Thursday. 64-year-old Tony Ray was taking a walk at the Shadow Mobile Home Park which he owns, when the dogs attacked. It took 3 neighbors to pull the dogs off. Ray was treated at Memorial Hospital for multiple bites on his arms and head. Ray says before the attack, he didn't have a problem with Pitbulls, but now hopes the City of Colorado Springs will ban the breed.
Denver, Aurora and Castle Rock are among several cities that have already banned Pitbulls. However, not everyone agrees banning the dogs is the best strategy for preventing Pitbull attacks. Ann Hagerty of the Pikes Peak Humane Society believes cities that have banned Pitbulls have acted out of emotion rather than finding a logical solution. Hagerty says she believes the problem lies in ownership responsibility. City Councilman Richard Skorman agrees, but only to a point saying he will explore a city-wide Pitbull ban.
"It is the owner's problem," said Skorman, "but when someone gets mauled, they (Pitbulls ) can crush skulls, after all, they are trained to fight bulls... I personally want to see a ban."