Crews Work to Clean Up East Middle School

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Crews continue to clean up and repair East Middle School, after Tuesday’s break in a water pipe that left the school’s sub-basement under 12 feet of water.

The flood damaged several electrical panels and plumbing. District 11 spokesperson Elaine Naleski says the damage is contained to the operations room that houses school’s heating system, along with some electrical and plumbing.

“It looks like at this point in time, that we’ll be able to clean up most of the stuff and maybe replace parts,” said Naleski.

The District they own the broken pipe, and so will have to pay for all the repairs. There’s no estimate yet on the cost.

Naleski says the pipe broke 15 feet below ground, just outside the school. The water quickly filled the operations room, which is a floor below where students are allowed.

East Middle School students will attend classes for a second day at Wasson Middle School. Naleski says a decision about where school will be held Monday has not been made yet.