Miami Man Found Dead on Plane Had Been Charged With Arson

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A Miami man is dead apparently hanging himself in an airplane lavatory during a coast-to-coast flight diverted to Denver.

The medical examiner's office says an autopsy is scheduled today on the body of 56-year-old Gerald Georgettis.

Georgettis is the same man who crashed his newly-purchased sport utility vehicle into Miami's Metro Ford showroom over the weekend, doused it and other vehicles with gasoline, and torched the dealership.

He was allegedly upset about the price he'd paid for the S-U-V.

United Airlines Flight 209 had taken off from Washington, D-C en route to Los Angeles last night, when Georgettis allegedly went into a restroom during the more-than five-hour flight and hung himself.

The pilot diverted to Denver International Airport after someone found the body.

Denver Police Detective Virginia Lopez says no other passengers were ever in danger, and all evidence points to Georgettis having taken his own life.