Dog Rescue

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Firefighters rescued a golden retriever from a partially iced over lake near the Perry Park Country Club Wednesday morning.

The dog was paddling in the icy waters for at least 30 minutes before being pulled to shore.

The dog was first reported in the waters of Lake Wauconda at about 7 a.m.

Copter4 arrived over the scene before firefighters arrived and watched as the dog tried to get out of the water on its own and then waited for help.

A man on the shore, possibly the dog's owner or a man who lives in a nearby home, tried to use a ladder to reach the animal.

The ladder wasn't long enough.

When firefighters arrived, they first used a charged fire hose line to push a rope out to the ice's edge.

Crews weren't having much luck when a rubber raft arrived and was pushed out with a firefighter on board. He was able to pull the dog out of the water.

The other firefighters then pulled the raft back to shore.

The dog was reportedly returned to the owner who took him away in a car.