Victim Forgives Her Brother for Stabbing Her

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A Colorado Springs woman is still recovering from 13 stab wounds all over her body. But, she says she’s forgiven the man who stabbed her. She says her brother, Jereme Lamberth, stabbed her. He’s now wanted for attempted first degree murder.

Melanie Schweinhardt says she wants her brother to know she forgives and loves him.

“I just want people to know he’s not a monster,” said Schweinhardt.

She says her brother spent 11 years in prison, and when he got out he got no support. She doesn’t understand why he wasn’t offered counseling.

“There should be mandatory counseling, there should be something for them,” said Schweinhardt.

She hopes her brother will turn himself in to authorities. She worries he could get hurt if he continues to run from the law.

“My brother loved me to death,” said Schweinhardt.

Police believe he is driving a blue and white 1989 Ford Bronco with Colorado license plate 743-LXN.

Call Crimestoppers if you have any information about his whereabouts.