Military Deployments

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A military medical group from the Air Force Academy and Peterson Air Force Base is leaving Colorado Thursday morning for an overseas assignment. The more than 80 members of the 10th Medical Group would help with medical and surgical services during a possible war with Iraq.

Four thousand solidiers from Fort Carson are also preparing for an overseas assignment. They haven’t been told exactly when they’ll be leaving yet, but family and friends on the post have already started to say their goodbyes.

A farewell ceremony took place Wednesday at Fort Carson for members of the Third Brigade Combat Unit. Specialist Benjamin Coburn will leave behind his young wife and their newborn baby. “I’ve never been overseas, so this is something new,” he says, “but I’m nervous to leave my family behind.” Coburn is 20 years old. His wife Leandra, 19, says “I just cried for, like, 3 days, thinking about him going from me.”

Fort Carson officials say this deployment is the largest for the Unit since World War Two.