Sick at School

It's the season for sick days. And if you've kept your kids home from school ... You're not alone.

On Monday this week, more than 200 kids from Sand Creek High School stayed home. Most of them attributed the day off to the flu or some other illness.

In a school of more than 1800 students, there's plenty going around during flu season.

On any given day, a few absences are expected, but Monday's numbers raised a few eyebrows. 13 percent of the student population was out, which translates to more than 230 kids, or about two per every class of 26.

"They're all excused absences and that doesn't mean we can trace them all to illness, but from most of what we're hearing from parents is that it's flu and strep," said District 49 spokesperson Joe Cole.

A day later, attendance is back up to where it usually is: A sign kids are on the mend.

Although the number of recent absences is unusually high, administrators say the school has no reason to take any extra precautions.