Top 25 Most Dangerous Intersections

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Most drivers in Colorado Springs know that Austin Bluffs and Union can be a headache during rush hour or that Academy seems to be accident-prone. Today, Colorado Springs Police released the top 25 most dangerous intersections in the city.

The number one worst intersection in the Springs is Fountain and South Academy with 38 accidents in the past year. In fact, 10 intersections along South and North Academy are on the top 25 most dangerous list. But, what came as a surprising second to Colorado Springs Police was the intersection of South Carefree and New Center Point. “It’s a roundabout at this intersection. We’ve never had a roundabout on the list until this year,” Senior Crime Analyst Eddie Orff said. “We use a formula where we take the crashes, weigh in the fatalities and injuries and include the volume of traffic that goes through.”

Austin Bluffs and Nevada made the list along with Woodmen and Austin Bluffs. To find a complete list of all the dangerous intersections, log click on "As Seen On KKTV."