Colorado Roads Are Some Of The Deadliest When It Comes To Drowsy Driving

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Colorado roads are some of the deadliest in the country when it comes to drowsy drivers behind the wheel, and that can be just as dangerous as driving drunk. The Rocky Mountain News says Colorado is sixth in the nation for fatalities from drowsy driving.

State Trooper Troy Ferguson says that drowsy driving is dangerous. “When you’re tired and driving, it has the same effect as a person under the influence.” All it takes is a split second for the situation to change. Grant Dewey with Master Drive says if a person is driving 60 miles an hour, he’s traveling 90 feet per second. Dozing off at the wheel for only 2 seconds could make you travel the length of a football field, putting yourself at risk and the other drivers.

Master Drive says if a person is drowsy while driving, pull over and take a power nap.