Cavalry Museum Closes

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The Third Cavalry Museum closes its doors for the final time Monday afternoon. The museum’s staff will spend the next few months packing for the move to Ft. Hood, Texas.

The 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment is moving to Texas in a few months. The museum houses the Regiment’s historical artifacts and moves with the regiment.

“This collection documents 160 years of the regiment’s history,” according to the Museum Director Paul Martin.

The museum has thousands of artifacts stemming back from the regiment’s beginning in 1846. A flag or the Regiment’s Colors or flag is not on display right now. Martin says they think it is worth up to $8 1/2 million.

Last week the family of Corporal Charles Bessey in Mississippi donated his Congressional Medal of Honor to the museum. He was awarded the medal for his service in the Indian Wars back in 1877. It was nearly ruined when Hurricane Katrina ruined the family home. Now the museum plans to have the medal restored.

More than 115,000 people have gone through the museum during its 10 years at Fort Carson.