Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

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There are a few ways to save a few bucks on your next utility bill and it won’t cost you on arm and a leg to do so. First, change your regular light bulbs to fluorescent ones. Art Jenks from Home Depot says. “These fluorescent lights are the easiest way to save money because they cost ¼ of the energy cost to produce the same light.” He also says they’re supposed to last 4 times longer than a regular bulb.

What can be more chilling is the heating bill. “The furnace is the largest consumer of gas in the house, “ Gerald Banks from Home Depot says. He says part of the reason many people end up paying so much on their utility bill is because the filter is filthy. It’s advised to change them every 3 months. Banks also recommends a programmable thermostat. Another way to keep the heat inside is to install weather stripping around the windows and doors.