Kama Sutra Virus Alert

A nasty new computer virus called the KAMA SUTRA worm is expected to start knocking out computers around the world this morning.

It spreads around the Internet by offering to show users X-rated pictures.

When they bite, their computers get bitten.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations is warning of a computer worm that is intended to destroy files on infected computers on the third day of each month, beginning Friday, February 3, 2006.

The Blackworm virus was disguised in a mass e-mail sent last month and could affect hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide, the FBI said in today's warning.

The FBI is investigating the virus' origin.

Blackworm, which is also called Nyxem.E, MyWife.d and Blackmal.Eal, can be detected and removed with up-to-date anti-virus software.

Computer security companies like California-based Symantec say the worm has been spreading through cyberspace since January 16, packaged in emails with subject headings like "give me a kiss" and "crazy illegal sex."

When users click on an attachment sent with the emails, their computers become infected with malicious software designed to replicate itself.

The worm is programmed to overwrite or corrupt Microsoft Windows Office documents, Word documents, Excel spread sheets, and PDF files.

The worm will not affect machines running on different operating systems such as Mac OS.