Training for IEDs

From the gunner's turret atop a military hum-vee the soldier gets a bird's eye view of the action... Including what could be an IED.

"It's nothing more than a bomb,” says Lieutenant Colonel John McClellan. “A home made bomb so they can be very destructive."

And they can be anywhere.

An IED is a weapon used at unexpected times. LTC McClellan’s training is meant to remove some of the surprise.

"How to spot the indicators of a possible IED while they're on patrol so they're not just a victim but they are able to take proactive steps to avoid IED."

Avoidance can come with recognition. Although it's a bomb, it doesn't always look like one... But they do have a signature: It could be hidden in a piece of junk along the road, which can quickly become deadly flying debris.

"You've just seen something explode right in front of you or right behind you," said Specialist Eric Dixon.

Dixon's lived through multiple IED attacks and now is showing soldiers what signatures to consider while on patrol. It's not an exact duplicate of what they'll likely encounter overseas, but learning what the possibilities are could save lives in the end.