Owens Pays Up

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Colorado Governor Bill Owens is wearing a painful reminder of the Denver Broncos loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC West Championship game nearly two weeks ago.

The governor lost a bet to Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell and Mr. Owens has to spend his day wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey.

He showed up for his guest appearance on a Denver radio talk show wearing Ben Roethlisberger's 7 jersey.

Of course, the only 7 jersey in Denver that counts is John Elway's, but that's another matter.

"It's a sad day in Colorado," the governor said. " I have to, as a result of a bet I had with the Governor of Pennsylvania today, I have to wear for the entire day a Ben Roethlisberger jersey. Had the Broncos won, we would have had Governor Ed Rendell today wearing a Jake Plummer jersey in PA for the entire day. (Would he have to sport a beard as well?) I don't think so. I don't have to sport a Roethlisberger beard or haircut either. But what I want to point out is that I am taking one for the team. They're in Hawaii, they're nursing their wounds in various resorts around the country, and the poor Governor of CO is the guy that has to take the fall for that defeat and I'm doing it today and just want everyone to understand I'm doing what I have to do for the people of CO once again."

Hopefully next year, some other governor will be wearing a Broncos jersey.