Plans for Super Slab hit Road Block

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An amendment to Senate Bill 78 adopted by the legislature Friday, squelches plans to build the 210 mile toll road known as the Super Slab, stretching from Fort Collins to Pueblo. The idea to re-route traffic from I-25 onto the toll road upset many people who live in that area, since their homes would have been bulldozed to make way for the project.

The amendment comes as an agreement between Governor Bill Owens and opponents of eminent domain including Sen.Tom Wiens. Senate Bill 78 would remove power from private companies to condemn anyone else's property in Colorado for projects including the Super Slab.

The governor has committed to signing the bill after vetoing an almost identical bill last summer. According to Wiens, an outpouring of public concern helped changed the governor's mind about the bill last summer.

In addition to Senate Bill 78, opponents of eminent domain are also collecting signatures to put a citizens initiative on the November ballot to remove eminent domain by amending Colorado's constitution.