Pipe Leak Ices Intersection

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A water main pipe is leaking under the intersection of Garden of the Gods and Centennial. The water pools on the intersection and ices over in the mornings. The pipe has been leaking since December.

There are two water mains under the intersection, but Colorado Springs Utilities doesn’t know which one is leaking. CSU crews say they've isolated the leak, which means there isn’t any water is flowing through either of the water main pipes that run under the intersection. But, the water is still spilling. CSU crews say they don’t know why.

"Quite frankly we're not sure where the water continues to come from," says Leah Ash with CSU.

Ash with CSU says they probably won't be able to start the fix until March, because they're waiting on a valve they're already ordered. According to CSU it could be a major fix too, with both pipes somewhere between 18 and 23 feet below ground.

Scott Harvey drives through the intersection every day. He says he’s worried about the ice, from the water.

"Some days it is shear ice," said Harvey.

Crews are sanding and salting the intersection every morning at 6 a.m.