Groundhog Day

Who knows what lurks in Gobbler's Knob?

The groundhog knows, and it's winter -- six more weeks of it.

That's the tale according to Punxsutawney Phil at least.

He waddled out of hibernation at his den in front of hundreds of revelers in Pennsylvania this morning, saw his shadow and signaled that spring is not around the corner.

But down in Lilburn, Georgia, the rival prognosticating groundhog known as General Beauregard Lee emerged from his home today and did not see his shadow.

So his forecast is for an early spring.

Beauregard's owner claims he's only missed once, although it was a big miss.

Back in 1993, his prediction of an early spring was followed by the South's worst blizzard in decades.

The whole Groundhog Day idea is rooted in German legend and has exploded into a global event.