Cell Phones at Grade School

Fifth graders on cell phones? At school? It may sound crazy, but at some local schools, it's a reality.

These days it's not hard to find a cell phone, even in the hands of a grade-schooler.

"I always want to be able to reach him," said Wendy Wills, who sends her fifth grader to school at Mountain View Elementary with a phone for her peace of mind. If something happens, she's only a few dialed numbers away.

"We want parents to have that option if they feel they need it," Mountain View principal Michael Doub said. He knows of about 12 kids who carry phones to school. They're not completely forbidden, but some parents think cell phone carrying grade-schoolers is a little far out.

"I think if the parent needs quick access to a student they should go through the proper channels which would be the school administration," one Mountain View father pointed out.

That's part of the reason cell phone use is closely regulated. Administrators say at school, phones need to stay turned off and out of sight, and never come out during recess.

"We don't know who they're talking to," said Doub. " We can't monitor those calls so it's a safety issue as well."