Information Needed in Murder Investigation

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A private investigative group, called Group 6, needs another call from an anonymous tipster to help solve a murder case.

Brandon Browne was 23-years-old when he died. He was shot early November 26, 2004 outside of the Denny's at Flintridge and Academy. He died at a local hospital.

Both police and the Group 6 investigative team are trying to find the person who shot Brandon Browne. Just this month, the Group 6 office got an anonymous call. They want to ask a few more questions of that caller.

Private investigator Bobby Brown says this call could be the break they need in this case.

"The information that was provided is in fact extremely important," said Brown.

He and the Group 6 investigators took this case for free. They hope to help Brandon’s mother, Marla Browne get justice.

"Whoever killed Brandon, if they knew Brandon, they would have loved him, they wouldn't have done that," said Marla Browne.

She's hoping with one more call, the caller could help push this investigation forward, giving Group 6 and the police what they need solve her son's murder.

"Please call back and give the needed information," said Marla Browne.

Although Bobby Brown can't talk about the tip, he says it is information that was never released to the public. He says the caller had been holding back that information for months and felt guilty. He wants to ask the caller a few more questions.

"Its going to be a big, big key in this case," said Brown.

Bobby Brown asks anyone who know anything about this case to call him or the police. He says that call can be anonymous. His number is 510-1511. There is up to $7,000 in reward money offered if the suspect is arrested and convicted. Tips can also be called into Crimestoppers anonymously at 634-stop in the Springs or 542-stop in Pueblo.