State of the Union Address

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President Bush says the U.S. will "remain on the offensive" against terror networks.

In his State of the Union speech, the president points to successes against terror regimes in Afghanistan, with an elected president and national assembly, and Iraq, where he says the U.S. has a clear plan for victory.

The president pledges to continue rebuilding Iraq and helping the Iraqi government fight corruption, build an inclusive government and build a modern economy.

He also says the U.S. is proud to be Iraq's "allies in the cause of freedom."

Colorado's Senators give their reactions to President Bush's speech, one focusing on the war in Iraq.

Republican Senator Wayne Allard said, "I don't think we should turn our back on the world when we must continue to take the war on terror to the terrorists."

Democratic Senator Ken Salazar wanted to hear more from the president about how to pay back the deficit, saying, "I don't want my children and my grandchildren or the people of Colorado, who essentially, have to pay for the credit card investments that we are making today."