"Through With Chew" Week


Monday marks the beginning of the National "Through with Chew" week. The Colorado Department of public health and environment is urging smokeless tobacco users to quit.

A recent survey found more than one-fourth of Colorado's High School males have used smokeless tobacco. Despite it's highly addictive nature and links to cancer.

To help those who want to be "Through with Chew" the "Colorado Quit Line" offers free, professional counseling. That number is 1-800-639-QUIT (7848). Internet users can find counseling services at www.co.quitnet.com.

Smokeless tobacco - more commonly known as spit, dip and chew - is
indicative and deadly. However, these facts don't seem to deter Colorado's young people from taking up the habit. Recently released results from the Tobacco Attitudes and Behavior Survey revealed that more than one-fourth or 27% have used smokeless tobacco.

"Smokeless tobacco users are 50 times more likely than non-users to get oral cancers of the cheek, gums and the inner surface of the lips. These oral cancers often begin as leukoplakia - white patches or sores in the mouth." According to the American Cancer Society, almost 75% of daily smokeless tobacco users have leukoplakia.